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NCIC 50th Anniversary Celebrations


The centerpiece of the 50th anniversary

festivities of the National Congress of Italian-Canadians is the “Italian Journey Across Canada”

A breathtaking train odyssey that symbolizes the vibrant tapestry of Italian culture woven into the Canadian landscape. Starting in Vancouver, this unprecedented adventure will wind its way across the country, stopping at iconic locations to celebrate the contributions of Italian-Canadians.

 Italian-Canadian Historical Centre 

Do you have family photographs you are willing to share?

Do you have memorabilia and or stories

you would like to share?

If so contact the:

Italian-Canadian Historical Centre


Recognition of Territory
Honouring the Algonquin Anishinabe Nation,
First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples

Ottawa is built on un-ceded Algonquin Anishinabe

territory. The peoples of the Algonquin Anishinabe Nation

have lived on this territory for millennia. Their culture and presence have nurtured and continue to nurture this land. 

The City of Ottawa honours the peoples and land of

the Algonquin Anishinabe Nation. The City of Ottawa

honours all First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples and

their valuable past and present contributions to this land.

City of Ottawa

Past Events visit the


NCIC 50th Journey Across Canada


Il viaggio Italiano --TUTTI INSIEME

Come Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National Congress of Italian Canadians!

Join us on the Italian Journey Across Canada- an opportunity of a lifetime! Book your tickets now! Anyone who gets on the train with us will have FREE access to all events planned by the National Congress of Italian Canadians along the way to celebrate their 50th Anniversary.


You could hop aboard with us on Via Rail's The CANADIAN  train for  the trip from Vancouver to Toronto  or for a part of the trip on Via Rail's The OCEAN  from Montreal to Halifax and Pier 21 from June 16 - June 18, 2024! The NCIC has reserved cabins and berths on both trains exclusively for this journey.


All details on the Italian Journey Across Canada (rates, itinerary, brochure, booking and more!) are available on our new trilingual website at

Ready to book your train tickets?

Please contact our dedicated Landsby travel agent:

Connie Astarita


Phone: 289-371-1169


Trina Costantini-Powell

Immediate Past President, National Congress of Italian Canadians(National Capital District)

Immediato Past Presidente, Congresso Nazionale degli Italo Canadesi

(Distretto della Capitale Nazionale)


1026 Baseline Road, Ottawa, Ontario K2C0A6

613-526-4315   613-816-4315

Email address :

Visit our website at :

...Una partita a BOCCE!

To be eligible to vote
Visit the MEMBERSHIP area 

The National Congress of Italian-Canadians (National Capital District) is proud to be a Collaborator in 

A national network and registered charity.
Securing the Italian-Canadian contribution to Canada's narrative
past and present.

An older article but plays into what the NCIC does re: lobbying
Please read article

NCIC Special Meeting
Group Photo, June 2022

From Left to Right:

Honourable Michael Tibollo(Toronto-Past President, NCIC), Pino Buffone(Ottawa), Maria Assunta Cuffaro(Ottawa), Nancy Spina (Halifax), Silvana Tibollo (Toronto),
Carla Minoli Lappa (Ottawa), Mario Cinel (Ottawa), Bruno Giammaria (Ottawa),
Trina Costantini-Powell (Ottawa), Senator Tony Lofredda, Roberto Colavecchio (National President, Montreal), Signora Maria Grazia Mattarella, Ambasciatore Andrea Ferrari, Embassy of Italy, Maria Marano (British Columbia), Luciano Bentenuto, Lorenzo Bonera, Clara Zanini, Nino Colavecchio (Past President, NCIC), Paolo Siraco, Dario Zanini


Italian Canadian Historical Centre (ICHC) Ottawa, Ontario Canada

From Montreal to Cremona
Canadian violin maker makes his mark in
the Italian town where the
instrument was invented

Please read...
"Bernard Neumann is considered one of the world's top
violin makers and restorers"

The new Ambassador of Italy to Canada.
meet Ambassador Andrea Ferrari

Greetings from Italian Ambassador
Andrea Ferrari on the occasion of
Italy's National Day

Vespa Tour of St. Anthony's Procession route in Little Italy
View the Video Tour

Official Apology for the internment
of Italian-Canadians during
the Second World War


"Internment apology statements"
Internment statement with 11MP
Trudeau statement on apology 

La Voce - Article on Enrico DelCastello


Trina Costantini-Powell
Recent interview with Cittadino Canadese

Please Read...on Page 7

LUCIANO BENTENUTO• 2ndSecurity Projects Manager Office Sgt. at Arms at House of Commons of Canada Chambre des communes du Canada (Start date April 12, 2021)1w • Edited • 


Today the Editor of La Voce magazine came to Ottawa accompanied

by Senator Tony Loffreda to meet with myself as President of CIBPA Ottawa, the President of the Marconi Centre Pat Santini, The President of the National Congress Of Italian Canadians, Trina Costantini-Powell, The co-Founders of Preston Hardware, Mario Giannetti and Mario Fragione as well as the President of Central Precast, John Mion. During an intimate ceremony held at the Marconi Centre we were hosted by Giuseppe Ranieri Director General at the Marconi Centre with a lunch prepared by none other than Chef Rocco Vizzari, Followed by a visit

of the Italian Canadian Cultural Centre.
During this occasion both Mr. Mion and myself were honoured to receive a plaque commemorating our participation in the cover issues of "La Voce". In addition, authentic certified replicates of a Leonardo Da Vinci's paintings were offered to us , including Preston Hardware and Pat Santini. It was a privilege to remit my copy to my colleague Trina Costantini-Powell so it could be showcased in

the Italian Canadian Cultural Centre.


Embassy of Italy in Canada CIBPA Ottawa CIBPA Montreal CIBPA Toronto 

CIBPA Hamilton-Halton CIBPA of Niagara CIBPA Windsor John Mion 

Trina Costantini-Powell The National Congress of Italian-Canadians (Quebec Region) Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada Senator Tony Loffreda - CPA #canada #history #award #award #founders #chef #charity

Attached is the link to the June 23 presentation. For those of you who attended virtually last Wednesday, thank you. Hopefully, when cultural activities resume at the Italian Canadian Historical Centre, we can have a discussion on
The History of Ottawa's Italian community. There is a lot more material to share. 

Thank you.
Happy Canada Day!


La Voce

Does Italian-Canadian Food Have An Identity?
It's known for red-sauce joints, pizza traditions and decades-old
neighbourhood delis but what truly defines  

Italian-Canadian cooking
Federico Fellini-10 essential films



Floral Tribute Messa dei Caduti, St.Anthony's Church - November15-2020

Una mostra online per commemorare l’80esimo anniversario dell’internamento degli italo-canadesi
Video-courtesy OMNI News

The National Congress of Italian-Canadians(National Capital District) respectfully acknowledges that our

Italian Canadian Historical Centre,  in Ottawa, is located on the unceded, unsurrendered  ancestral and traditional Territory of the Anishinaabe Algonquin Nation whose presence here reaches back to time immemorial. 

Trina Costantini-Powell

President, National Congress of Italian Canadians(National Capital District)

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