Remembrance  Day  

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Tribute to  Anthony Barbaro
ICHC  2017
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Remembrance Day
ICHC  2018
Remembrance Day
ICHC  2019
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Presentazione 25 Aprile 1945
Liberazione dell'Italia

2020 Veterans’ Week

Canada Remembers the end of the Second World War

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. This bitter conflict raged for six years and saw over one million brave Canadians serve in uniform around the globe.  READ MORE...

William "Bill" McLachlan, 95 years young, reading  at the National Congress of Italian-Canadians Remembrance Day Service of November 4, 2018.

Matthew Halton CBC Ortona, Italy

Matthew Halton a CBC reporter with this audio reporting live from the war front Ortona, Italy 1945.

Press Play to listen the audio reporting.

Tribute to Lance Corporal Antonio Barbaro

Video courtesy Tele-30, Ottawa






















Wartime posters display at the Italian Canadian Historical Centre November 4, 2018 (Courtesy of Marc Racine)

National Congress of Italian-Canadians Wreath - Cerimonia dei Caduti November 2018 St. Anthony's Church and Piazza Dante

Picture of Wreath for the Messa dei Caduti and ceremony outside-November 2019


Courtesy of Marc Racine

Remembrance Day 2017 -National War Memorial-Ottawa

Remembrance Day 2017 -National War Memorial-Ottawa

NCIC-ICHC -Wreath presentation  by Gabriella  and Matteo Aquilino Remembrance Day Ceremony - November 2019

Retired Ottawa Police Staff Sergeant Brad Hampson 

November 2019

The Ottawa Journal, November 22, 1949

75th Anniversary of Liberation: The Dutch Still Honour Canadian Soldiers

It was 75 years ago that the Second World War finally came to an end. 

The Netherlands country honours its Canadian liberators.

Army Casualty List, The_Ottawa_Journal

Friday, March 16-1945


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