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V I D E O  L I B R A R Y

Lego Exhibit, ICHC June 2019 (Tele-30)

NCIC President message to the community

April 2020

Ottawa, June 2020

Trina Costantini-Powell, President NCIC

Christmas Greetings / Auguri di Natale 2019

NCIC President's Message in celebration of

Italian Heritage Month June 2020

NCIC President's Thanksgiving Message October 2020




OMNI coverage of our

Remembrance Day ceremony

Patrizio Buanne at Villa Marconi

Interview by David Battistelli of OMNI TV


The Ukrainian Congress

Photographic Exhibit
(YouTube video)
Ottawa, March28, 2014
NCIC-ICHC Lego Exhibit 06-2019
video courtesy (Tele-30) Ottawa 
Meet Ontario's first-ever
Italian-Canadian party leader
Ambasciatore Claudio Taffuri's
message on OMNI TV Italiano.
Happy Easter in Florence Video (YouTube)

The Village Reunion 40th Anniversary (video)

Easter 2021 President's Message (video)

2021 Antonio & Gloria Falsetto VIDEO
(La BEFANA Virtual Contest)

2021 Mattia Duini VIDEO
(La BEFANA Virtual Contest)

2020 Franchi Bogdanov VIDEO
(La BEFANA Virtual Contest)

Embassy Reception, June 7, 2022
courtesy David Battistella OMNI TV

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