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Vision and Mission Statement



The National Congress of Italian Canadians (NCIC) was formed in 1974 to create a national voice for the Italian-Canadian community and its organizations across Canada.


The NCIC is a not for profit, non-politically affiliated organization representing the political, social and cultural interests of about 1.5 million Italian-Canadians at the municipal, provincial and federal level. Recognized by Canada and Italy as a representative voice of the Italian-Canadian community and of NCIC member organizations, the NCIC supports the Italian-Canadian community nationally and in districts across Canada through its district associations, including the NCIC National Capital District association.


The NCIC National Capital District association is driven by a single goal: connecting individuals, associations and businesses within the Italian community of the National Capital Region, as well as promoting ongoing relationships with other multi-ethnic communities within the Ottawa-Gatineau and greater Ottawa area.


Mission Statement

The NCIC National Capital District connects members of the Italian-Canadian community and Canadians with an interest in Italian culture, locally and nationally, and helps us explore shared histories, learn about Italy’s diverse regions and rich heritage, highlight the contributions of Italian-Canadians and Italian culture to Canada, engage socially, connect across generations, and create and maintain a sense of community as we, our identities and our place in Canada evolve.


As part of the NCIC, the NCIC National Capital District:

  • Promotes, cultivates and creates awareness of the many projects of interest to the Italian-Canadian community in the National Capital Region, including in collaboration with other community organizations;

  •  Supports and attracts to the National Capital Region, social and cultural projects and events of significance to the Italian-Canadian community or related to its rich cultural heritage;

  •  Represents members of the Italian-Canadian community of the National Capital Region at all stages of life, in projects of common interest and in respect of issues affecting their welfare;

  •  Promotes mutual understanding, goodwill, and cooperation between Italian-Canadians and Canadians of other origins, so as to strengthen Canada’s rich multicultural tapestry.

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